Pitt Gnotobiotic Facility


The Pitt Gnotobiotic facility is a fee-for-service core that allows for experiments requiring germ-free (without bacteria, fungi and exogenous viruses) and gnotobiotic (‘known microbiota’) mice. The facility allows for the use of commercially available strains of mice in addition to a limited selection of ‘knockout’ mice. Use of the facility is determined on a first come/first served basis, but the committee on gnotobiotics reserves the right to limit the size and scope of experiments to allow for multiple users. Assistance in gavaging or otherwise associating mice with microbiota is possible. Tim Hand is willing to discuss experiment design and specifics to help ensure project success.

Available strains: C57BL/6, Balb/c

Soon: Rag1-/- on C57Bl/6 background

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