Brain Research Foundation Scientific Innovations Award

The University of Pittsburgh has been invited to nominate one senior investigator for the Brain Research Foundation (BRF) Scientific Innovations Award. This two year, $150,000 (direct costs only) award is “designed to support creative, exploratory, cutting edge research” in established laboratories, and both basic and clinical neuroscience are of interest to the Foundation. Priority will be given to projects that are too risky for more traditional funding sources, although a successful BRF project will likely attract subsequent NIH funding. Full details are available at

The application process begins with a required Letter of Intent (LOI). BRF will decide, on the basis of the LOI, whether or not to request a full application. The LOI is due to the BRF at 4:00 pm (CDT) on June 29,2017. If you would like to be considered as the University’s applicant, please submit the following to Dr. Michelle Broido, Associate Vice Chancellor for Biomedical Research, by noon on Tuesday, May 9: the CV/biosketch of the investigator and a brief (no more than one page) description of the project to be proposed. These should be sent to Dr. Broido c/o Ms. Selena Crawford,

Internal deadline: Noon, May 9, 2017

LOI submission to BRF: 4:00 pm (CDT), June 29, 2017

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